shigeru and an eleboo !

shinji at an onsen and fainting because of the heat :))

It feels a bit weird to imagine Shinji saying “bui bui” : l

Apparently, today is the birthday of Shinji’s seiyuu c:

Let’s appreciate his range of voice, voicing characters from Shinji to Kudari  (because Shinji can never be the onii chan), to various Pokemon like Satoshi’s Buizeru, Musashi’s Yanmega, Iris’ Doryuzu, Shooti’s Jalorda, Ookido Hakase’s Rotom, Pansy’s Onvern etc etc.

dracoflarex said: There are also some good movie 10/11 OSTs in those episodes.

Do you remember the tracks? I remember this one used in DP163 (and also they used my favorite OS opening as insert song in this ep!), but I don’t remember other tracks that could have been used in these eps.

dracoflarex said: They used every good movie ost for the two full battles. Really, if someone asks what are the best Pokemon osts. Then show them these five episodes!

Or show them the movies haha. My favorites Pokemon movies have my favorites osts. I noticed that they often used Lucario movie osts throughout DP.

dracoflarex said: Yeah! The music and then the couple of scenes. It was really fun back when we didn’t know anything.

Yeah, and like the preview for DP132 tricked us into thinking that Satoshi could turn the tables around with Hikozaru’s evolution, except half of his team was down before the middle of the ep and Hikozaru evolved towards the end of the battle lol.

And I like how they say Shinji can read through Satoshi’s style <3 The ost for their battles are really good, ahh. I noticed they used a lot of movie tracks.

Thinking about it, the previews for DP132 and DP187 are probably my favorites in the whole anime.

I think it was used at the end of DP131, right? (Just before Shinji sent Booburn and Satoshi Pikachu)

I have a deep need for Shinji and Satoshi’s battles.


shinji and citron standing where they should be : at the top