I think the only Pokemon opening I don’t like is pokemon symphonic medley..

nerdinsandals said: The Rivals is one of my top 5 Pokeani openings ever. <3

Yeah, I remember you told me you liked this op! What are your other favorites?

dracoflarex said: To be honest, all my favorites were formed AFTER the full battle. XD I began watching in Japanese since the Wallace Cup. XD And yes…….FLAAAAAAAAAARE DRIVVVVVVVVE..

Haha, same, I didn’t listen that much to Type Wild before but the full battle made me love it a lot (also Rica Matsumoto, I love her songs in general!). I mostly listened to the OPs but never too much the endings?? And like their battles made me love some osts too.

What are your favorites op/ed of Pokemon??

dracoflarex said: TYPE WILD. Needs to make a opening with all of Ash’s rivals AGAIN. Only rivals no friends. No companions. Only RIVALS. RIVALS RIVALS

Type Wild is my favorite OS ending! Yeah, a song about his rivalries.. I want that.

The second OS opening makes me think about Shinji, and DP rivals in general!


Coloured sketches of some Pokeboys!

I suddenly realized that I haven’t drawn my favourite grasshead in 23742 years, so here you are! Also have some bonus Barry and Paul that I forgot I sketched a while ago. ;u;

.. Paul’s eyebrows are /THE MOST/ fun to draw. And his jacket is super stylish- why can’t Drew have nice things like that? >:I

shigeru and an eleboo !

shinji at an onsen and fainting because of the heat :))

It feels a bit weird to imagine Shinji saying “bui bui” : l